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Whether you dream of setting up your own photo studio, want to learn more about movement in photographs or are looking for inspiration for your next shoot: we've got you! We have collected all our tips and tricks for both the experienced and novice image maker in our photography blog.

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What is a fisheye lens?

Creative or a gimmick? Read all about the fisheye lens.


What is a prime lens?

Is a prime lens the right choice for you? Find out more about it in this article.


What is a telephoto lens?

Can't get close to a subject but still want sharp images? Consider a telephoto lens!


What are lens mounts?

Lens mounts are an important part of your gear, read all about it here.


What types of lenses are there?

We will tell you everything about lenses. Zoom lenses, Macro lenses and much more


What is a macro lens?

Macro lenses are ideal for nature photography. But what are they and what can you do with them?


What is a wide angle lens?

A wide-angle lens is a unique addition to your photography kit. Read more about wide angle lenses here!


What is an ND filter?

Are filters still unknown territory for you? Read all about ND filters in this article.

what is image stabilisation

What is image stabilisation?

We will tell you everything about image stabilisation and how to use it in photography.

what is polarisation filter

What is a polarisation filter?

We're going to talk about when and what to use a polarisation filter for.


shutter speed

What is shutter speed?

The shutter speed determines a large part of your photo. How do you set it?


What is 4K?

Your device supports 4K. But what is it exactly?


What is focal length?

Every lens has a focal length, but what does it mean?


What is ISO?

What is an ISO value and how does it affect your photo's?

shutter speed

What is apurture?

How do you determine the right aperture? We'll explain it!

histogram photography

What is a histogram

What is a histogram and how do you use it in photography?


photoshop bewerken

Photoshop editing

The possibilities of Photoshop are endless. But where do you start?


foto's overzetten naar computer

Recovering deleted photos

Oops! You accidentally deleted a beautiful photo, now what?

foto's ordenen

Save and store photos

With digital photography, you no longer have a physical album. However, there are still many options.

Tips & Inspiration


Shooting reflections

Reflection photography is a creative and interesting way of photographing.


Photographing a still life

Photographing a still life is telling a story, in pictures.


Flower photography tips

How do you take colorful, beautiful flower photos? We'll help you get started.

Depth of field

Depth of field

Read all about one of the most used terms in photography: depth of field.

lightpainting fotografie

What is lightpainting?

Create dreamy images by painting or writing with light.

wat is compositie

What is composition

Composition can make or break your photo! Discover our most important tips.


What is bokeh?

What is bokeh and how do you create it? Read all about the effect in this article.


Golden hour

Find out how to take the best pictures around sunrise and sunset.

camera in plane

Bring your camera on the plane

Would you like to take your camera with you on the plane? Here's what you need to know

camera on holiday

The best camera for holiday photos

A holiday full of unforgettable moments you want to capture. A few tips.


Tips for night photography

Photographing at night is a skill in itself. What do you need to pay attention to?

beginnen met fotografie

How to start photography

You've decided you want to start photography. But where do you start? Read this article for all the tips and tricks.


What is a silhouette?

All about taking a silhouette photo and the most useful tips listed.

Photographing a rainbow

Photographing a rainbow

It comes and goes, but with these tips, you can capture it.


Food photography tips

Delicious and fun to do! Our tips will help you take your food photography to the next level.


Slow motion videos

With these tips, you can get started with your own slow motion recordings in no time!


Tips for boudoir photography

You want to take sultry, seductive photos. But how do you go about doing that?

Timelapse maken

Making a timelapse

We will teach you all the tips and tricks to create an interesting timelapse.

Film with drone

Film with a drone

Find out how to take amazing videos with a drone!

photographing the moon

Photographing the moon

We'll explain how to best photograph the moon!

storm photography

Photograph in the storm

Photographing in a storm requires preparation, so here we discuss everything you need to think about.

depth in photography

Create depth in landscape photography

Convey the feeling of grand, expansive nature in a photograph? We explain how!

portrait photography

Avoid forced portraits

How do you create a portrait that is photographed spontaneously and naturally? We'll give you some tips!