Professional Video Cameras


Professional video cameras offer maximum accuracy and functionality to create high-quality recordings. More about


Professional Video Cameras


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    Professional video cameras offer maximum accuracy and functionality to create high-quality recordings. More about


    What is a professional video camera?

    Like a camcorder, professional cameras consist of a combination of a video camera and a video recorder, but have more to offer in terms of functionality and quality. This type of camera has been used for decades for professional purposes such as documentaries, TV recordings and recording concerts. For the (semi) professional film-maker, these cameras offer a solution to get the most out of the recordings. Major players in the professional film equipment market are Canon and Sony.

    High-quality film recordings

    Since the professional video camera is designed specifically to achieve the best end result, this type of camera has many possibilities. For example, autofocus technology can focus quickly and accurately and noise is visibly controlled by advanced technology. Multiple memory card slots also allow simultaneous high-quality recordings in HD and lower recordings in MP4 format. Speeds of 180fps can be achieved in HD mode and ensure that images are captured razor-sharp and accurate. Built-in filters also ensure that you can achieve the desired results in every circumstance and light range. All desired settings can be adjusted manually, such as exposure, shutter speed, assignment of filters and live recordings. Other functionalities that offer added value for the professional photographer are the capture of slow and fast motion images and time-lapses.

    Stabilise the images

    Image stabilisation is an important part of a professional camera. The sensors of this type of camera contribute significantly to the smooth movements. Thanks to matching tripods and controllers, professional images can be stabilised and, if desired, edited in post-production. Many professional cameras already have a controller to control the camera remotely, on other models this instrument can be purchased separately. In addition, it is advisable to purchase strong and versatile tripods, to both make the weight portable and run professional videos. Commonly used tripods are the shoulder tripods and monopods, the former is especially effective at distributing weight and being able to rotate quickly during action scenes and reports.

    Increased quality through matching lenses

    Professional video cameras work excellently with powerful and demanding lenses. Sometimes they are already supplied with the video camera itself, but for other angles of rotation and distances it is useful to purchase a corresponding lens. Soft and smooth-running focus adjustments allow video camera lenses to handle both fast action moments and nature shots. Bright colour reproduction plays a prominent role, but there is a suitable lens for each type of picture.

    Filming in 4K Ultra HD

    An added value for the professional film-maker is that many high-quality video cameras have the functionality to shoot in 4K Ultra HD. If a TV has the option to display images in this format, this offers a great advantage in terms of content. Subtle details provide more depth in the film experience and a clear image for a realistic film reproduction.

    Video Accessories

    For professionals, it is advisable to buy matching items that promote the quality of the recordings. This includes a film light, sound equipment, video bag and memory cards. Especially where sound is involved, it is important to purchase suitable equipment to achieve the maximum result from the recordings.

    What brand do you choose?

    Do you want a particular brand? We have various top brands:

    Canon | SonyPanasonicBlackmagic