With a radiographic-operated drone you can capture stunning aerial images, in both photo and film mode. Read more




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    With a radiographic-operated drone you can capture stunning aerial images, in both photo and film mode. Read more


    Everything you need to know about drones

    If you've always wanted to take aerial shots, a drone is just what you want. Aerial shots or film footage, both are possible.

    What is a drone?

    A drone is an unmanned aircraft that you can control with a remote, Smartphone or tablet. A drone consists of a central part with four rotors. The drone has been used in military aviation for decades, but since 2019 it has become increasingly popular among consumers too.

    What can I do with a drone?

    The possibilities with a drone are limitless. For instance, you can take pictures indoors with a mini-drone and capture images outdoors with a large quadcopter. The entry models can stay in the air for a few minutes, but there are also drones available that can stay in the air for half an hour. The benefit of a drone is that it is really easy to operate using a Smartphone or the remote supplied with it. Their ease of use just adds to the fun.

    Drones often feature a fixed camera that can take high quality shots which can then be edited if you've taken them in RAW format. Many drones have the option to film in Full HD. The images are stabilised thanks to taut assembly, so minimising shake-effect.

    Professional drones feature a 4K recording function and can take 360 degree images. This makes such drones ideal for photographing and filming landscapes, as well as capturing parties and events. Any not-to-be-missed images can be immediately shared between mobile devices and stored in the cloud or on a hard drive.

    Learn to fly a quadcopter

    Although controlling and flying a drone proved quite tricky in the past, nowadays it's far easier. Present-day drones are simply linked via the remote to your Smartphone, or can be operated independently per controller or mobile device. A drone's position can be retained for long periods of time via a GPS navigation system, so you can designate a spot for it to fly to.

    To start with, it is advisable to fly the drone gently around at a steady pace. Once you have mastered control of the drone, you can ramp up the speed. The maximum communication distance with the controller/Smartphone ranges from a few dozen metres to up to a kilometre.

    Which brand will you choose?

    DJI | PowerVisionTelloVizu