Compact Cameras


Taking photos quickly and easily? Compact cameras are ideal. The cameras are compact, light and easy to take with you. Read more


Compact Cameras


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    Taking photos quickly and easily? Compact cameras are ideal. The cameras are compact, light and easy to take with you. Read more


    About compact cameras

    You want to buy a compact camera. Now you just have to search. Do you already know which one it's going to be? Super! Do you find it difficult to choose? No problem, we will be happy to help you. In this way, you will discover the compact camera to suit you.

    What is a compact camera?

    A compact camera is a compact digital camera with a fixed lens. It is well-known for its comfort and easy operation. Most of them work on numerous automated positions. In this way, you take photos according to the point-and-shoot principle. In addition to these starter models, there are also models with more setting options and high-end compact cameras.

    Why a compact camera?

    You choose a compact camera because you want to take photos and make videos quickly and easily. A camera with a fixed lens offers the solution. It is easy to take with you and easy to adjust. In that way, you won't miss a single opportunity.

    Types of cameras

    From models for the handbag, real all-in-one cameras to high-end cameras for street photography.They come in various types and sizes. So you will always find one with the right size, range, application and style.

    Travel zoom camera

    Small camera, good zoom range

    A travel zoom camera is a real all-rounder. The camera is small and light. It fits perfectly in your trouser pocket. It has a zoom range of 5x to 40x and is equipped with automatic positions. On the screen you can easily see what you are photographing. You can often tilt or touch it. Do you want to share your photo? Almost all travel zoom cameras have WiFi or Bluetooth.

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    Super zoom camera / bridge camera

    Larger camera, extreme zoom range

    The super zoom camera (bridge camera) looks very similar to a small DSLR camera. The camera has a large internal lens with extreme zoom possibilities. Even up to 125x! This requires stability. The body is therefore equipped with extra grip. There is also a super zoom camera with a viewfinder which contributes to the stability. In addition, there are models with a tiltable or rotatable screen.

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    High-end compact cameras

    Large image sensor, manual adjustment options

    High-end compact cameras are the ideal choice for an excellent image quality. The cameras are equipped with a bright lens and a larger image sensor. Furthermore, you adjust everything manually. These adjustments are immediately visible by means of an optical viewfinder. As well as beautiful JPEG and RAW photos, you can also often shoot sharp 4K videos. It is easy to share the final results with mobile devices. Your smartphone sometimes even functions as a second display.

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    Outdoor camera

    Waterproof, shockproof

    An outdoor camera (under water cameras and action cameras) is ideal for going on an adventure. The camera is small, light and robust. Cold, shocks, dust and water are not a problem. All the parts are built into the camera. So they do not protrude. Even the lens remains in the body during zooming. As a result, the zoom range is from 3x and 5x. To manage every adventure, the camera is equipped with automatic positions. In this way, you can record everything quickly and easily.

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