Photomast 6 Metres

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Photomast 6 Metres

With the Photomast, you can take pictures that will look a bit different than your average shot. That's because this mast makes it possible to photograph from a height of 6 metres. This way, you can take pictures of subjects that are hard to photograph from a normal level. This offers great opportunities for, for instance, architectural, residential or event photography.

The Photomast is made from carbon fibre: a lightweight but sturdy material. The clamps between the sections are made from high-quality synthetic material. To increase the strength of the mast, it features a wide rubber foot, which provides extra contact with the ground. The Photomast can be set up in a moment, and is compact enough to be transported easily. In retracted state, the mast is 126cm long.

In order to make optimum use of the 6 metres high mast, we advise you to control your camera remotely.

Features of the Photomast 6 metres

  • Taking pictures from up high
  • Vibration reducing carbon fibre
  • Easy to use
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Retracted length: 126cm

Comes with

  • Manfrotto 234RC Monopod Head
  • X grip holder for 7-8" tablet
Technical details
Technical details
Weight & dimensions
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Photomast 6 Metres
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Photomast 6 Metres

Photomast 6 Metres


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