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    Sigma Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of optical equipment, set up in 1961 by Michihiro Yamaki. All the products that Sigma designs are '100% made in Japan' in the product facility in Aizu, Japan: from mould to screw.

    Sigma has not only produced more than half a century of interchangeable lenses for cameras, but has also shown pioneering innovation in the area of accessories and digital cameras.

    Thanks to efficiency and ambition to supply the best possible quality, these products are well-known for the very good price-quality ratio.

    All about Sigma

    Sigma lenses

    The lenses by Sigma are subdivided into various lines. For instance, there is an art line, sports line and the contemporary line. The name Sports line suggests enough, these lenses are ideal for photographing various sports. The art line is well-known for the high-end lenses from Sigma. This concerns both prime and zoom lenses. The Contemporary lenses are the affordable lenses for every videographer.

    Sigma Cine lenses

    The Cine lenses from Sigma are subdivided into three lines. The FF zoom line, the High speed zoom line and the FF high speed prime line.

    FF zoom line

    The FF zoom line is compatible with full-frame image sensors and is therefore extremely suitable for ultra-high resolution film cameras which can record as high as in 6k or 8k.

    High speed zoom line

    The Sigma High Speed Zoom line offers a constant opening of T2 over the entire zoom range. The optical technology of these lenses enables filming with cameras in 6k and 8k. These lenses have an incredibly low weight. The lenses are a logical choice for both the independent film makers and large commercial film sets.

    FF High Speed Prime Line

    The FF High Speed Prime Line is a line of prime lenses. They have different focal distances. The lenses are extremely compact, are suitable for full-frame and have been developed to be able to deal with the challenge with the best prime sets in the class. They are equipped with an excellent resolution, which therefore makes it possible to take various shots with the same light settings.

    Sigma Camera

    The cameras from Sigma are produced with the underlying thoughts that every user can experience the true essence of photography. An accessible camera, easy to use and which gives perfect results, but is just that bit different to the camera that we are used to. The Sigma cameras are equipped with the Foveon sensor, this sensor has no comparable sensors. What you can compare the sensor to is a traditional colour film, because more layers of the sensor use all the information which the light communicates. The vertical colours give a rich colour shade so your photos show textures and expressions which you do not otherwise see with the eye.