Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for Smartphones

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Lume Cube

Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for Smartphones

The Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit contains everything you need to take illuminated photos and videos with your smartphones. The kit consists of a lume Cube LED lamp, a Smartphone Mount, a Modification Frame, three diffusers, a Diffusion Bulb and two CTO Gels. Thanks to the smartphone Mount, you can quickly and easily connect the LED lamp to your smartphone. Moreover, you can quickly switch between LED lamp accessories thanks to the magnetic click fastening. So you can quickly and easily take the most beautiful and creative photos and videos.

Lume Cube Single Black

The Lume Cube Single Black is a robust, square LED lamp for taking photos and videos. The LED lamp can be used as an external light source for your smartphone, digital camera, action camera or drones. You can use it as an LED light or a flash. When used as a light it provides 1500 Lumens at full power and is fully dimmable. Because the colour temperature is 6000K, you always have beautiful clear white light. When you use the Lume Cube as a flash, it has variable duration of 1/8000 to freeze motion to 1 second for more exposure. The light has a built-in optical sensor, so you can use the Lume Cube as a slave flash in combination with separate system flashes. You can adjust the light settings using the Lume Cube app. When the battery is depleted, you can charge it in about 1.5 hours with the included Micro USB charging cable.

Lume Cube Smartphone Mount

The Lume Cube Smartphone Mount is a handy clip for your smartphone. The clip has a ¼” thread, on which you can quickly and easily mount the Lume Cube Single Black LED lamp. In addition, this mounting point offers the possibility to connect other accessories to your smartphone, such as monopods, stands, microphones and much more.

Lume cube Modification Frame

The Lume Cube Modification Frame is an essential part for your Lume Cube LED lamp if you want to take advantage of the various accessories available. Click this frame on the small LED light and then place accessories such as (colour) filters, honey combs, snoots, barndoors and others via a magnetic connection on the lamp. Fast and simple. This way you can easily change accessories whenever you want.

Lume Cube diffusers

The Lume Cube diffusers are three Lee Zircon filters. The filters effortlessly adjust the power of the light. The light becomes softer thanks to the filters. This gives your subject an even exposure with softer shadows. The Diffusion Light takes off 2/3 and the Diffusion Strong takes 1 1/3 of the light. You simply attach the filters to the LED lamp thanks to the magnetic attachment.

Lume Cube Diffusion Bulb

The Lume Cube Diffusion Bulb can be used to soften the light from your Lume Cube. This allows you to create balanced lighting that is perfect for portrait photography or for interviews where harsh lighting is not always desired. The small softbox can easily be attached to the LED lamp thanks to the magnetic attachment.

Lume Cube CTO Gels

The Lume Cube CTO Gels are two orange filters. With the filters you can easily adjust the colour temperature of the LED lamp. The light gets a warmer glow thanks to the filters. This gives you the right colour temperature in every situation. You simply attach the filters to the LED lamp thanks to the magnetic attachment. Thanks to this magnetic attachment, it is even possible to combine several filters. This way you can work even more creatively with the light.

Main features of the Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for Smartphones:

  • Suitable for smartphones from 2.5" to 4" wide
  • Compact LED light and flash in one
  • 1500 Lumen at full power
  • Shutter speeds from 1/8000 to 1 second
  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Fully dimmable
  • Control via the app with Bluetooth
  • Battery life of 20 to 120 minutes
  • Easy and quick to connect
  • 1/4” thread
  • Magnet attachment for the accessories
  • Affect the colour temperature and intensity of the light

Supplied as standard with the Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for Smartphones:

  • Lume Cube Single Black
  • Lume Cube Smartphone Mount
  • Lume Cube Modification Frame
  • Lume Cube diffusers
  • Lume Cube Diffusion Bulb
  • Lume Cube CTO Gels
  • Two-year warranty





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