B+W 007 MRC 82mm

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B+W 007 MRC 82mm

TheB+W 007 MRC 82mm protective filter ensures that your valuable lens is protected from scratches, dust and grease. This protection filter is provided with a Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC), and has an F-Pro brass mount with thread.

This coating layer makes the glass more scratch resistant, because the coating itself is harder than glass. This revolutionary system is called Multi Resistant Coating. It combines optical quality and maximum reflection reduction with simple filter cleaning. Both water and moisture as well as dust and dirt particles hardly adhere to the filter surface. The MRC coating protection ensures the high optical quality of your B & W filter even longer.

B+W F-Pro mount
The F-Pro mount is made of brass and has a matte black finish, thereby reducing unwanted reflections. The F-pro mount has a thread on both sides, so that you can even place more than one filter, but also, the accessories can be used as a lens cap. The F-Pro mount is very thin, which makes it suitable for most wide-angle lenses up to 24mm on full-frame bodies.

Features of the B+W 007 MRC 82mm

  • Protects your lens from dust, dirt and scratches
  • Multi Resistant Coating
  • F-Pro mount
  • Filter size: 82mm

Package contents

  • B+W 007 MRC 82mm Filter
  • Protection case
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B+W 007 MRC 82mm
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B+W 007 MRC 82mm

B+W 007 MRC 82mm


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