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    All about the camera bags

    Camera case

    A camera case is small in size and cheap to purchase. As a result, you can easily transport a small-size camera, without having to watch out for it constantly. The cases are made of sturdy material on the outside and often have a soft lining on the inside.

    Hip bag

    A hip bag is designed in such a way that it is not in your way when you have attached it, but you do not sacrifice ease of use. This efficiency results in user-friendly and compact hip bags, where you can also store accessories. The belt which is attached around the hip has been designed in such a way that it does not pinch or get in the way. This also ensures that the weight of the bag is properly distributed. There are models which, as well as a hip belt, come with a shoulder strap for extra wearing comfort. 


    You do not choose a case for your photo equipment just like that. Important aspects when choosing a case are the amount of space, the ease of use and the protection of your equipment. When you have made a suitable choice, It will therefore be the ideal travel partner for those who have a lot of equipment and who also want to carry various accessories around with them. Whether that concerns a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens and tripod, or transporting a professional video camera with softbox and shoulder tripod, the case offers plenty of room for these.


    A backpack is well known for the versatility and ease of use with which it can be worn and adjusted. Many backpacks are equipped with various sections and compartments. Because they offer space for both a DSLR camera with various lenses or a camcorder with accompanying accessories.

    The contents differ per bag and can be attuned to your own equipment and the weight and size of that. The comfort is reflected in the soft carry straps with a strap in between, so that it can easily be attached horizontally across the chest. With some models a hip belt offers extra stability, so that the backpack can be kept in place properly. Because freedom of movement is important when you are walking through busy streets or overgrown nature, so that the backpack does not become a nuisance.

    Shoulder bag

    A shoulder bag has been the most commonly used bag for cameras for years. Perfect for a daily outing, city trip or an adventurous trip. A shoulder bag is intended for your camera and possibly a lens and a few accessories. There are for instance compartments inside and outside the bag for the smaller accessories such as memory cards, batteries, a gorilla pod and cables. Its popularity also lies in the ease with which the bag can be worn via an adjustable strap, around the shoulder and possibly the neck. So with a shoulder bag you have fast access to your camera when a photo opportunity presents itself.

    Sling bag

    The sling bags have their popularity to thank from the fact that you always have the camera within hand reach. The bags are designed with a flexible and soft carry strap, which can easily be slung forward over the shoulder. This system is useful for capturing animals in nature or for use in busy places, where the ideal photo opportunity can occur at any time. The bag can be easily opened with a zip, click system or velcro.

    Ever-ready bag

    An ever-ready bag offers both protection and the possibility of quickly and simply taking a photo with your compact or mirrorless camera. Thanks to the compact construction, the bag can be attached properly to your camera. The advantage of the ever-ready bag is that the camera can still be used quickly without having to undo the whole cover. Because the front section that is over the lens can be opened, then you can take a photo immediately. When a suitable photo opportunity presents itself, you therefore do not lose much time preparing the camera.


    A trolley is a compact and practical solution when you want to transport a lot of camera equipment but do not have the space for a large case. Thanks to the shape and the wheels at the bottom of the trolley, it is ideal as hand luggage for your air or train travel.

    Camera holster

    The camera holster is specially designed for getting hold of a DSLR camera with attached lens within a few moments. Via the holster construction with a flap at the top, you can quickly get the camera out of the bag and you can take a photo immediately.

    Video bag

    The video bags are especially designed for being able to store a particular type of camera. In the descriptions of the models, you can therefore see for what video camera it is suitable. Universal bags are often suitable for several types of video cameras. Furthermore, there is enough space left for a suitable lens and accessories such as a battery, memory card and cables. Sometimes, there is even space to transport the handle and the base plate of the camera assembled, so that you can quickly take action.


    The half-case is a bag which covers half of the body of the camera. The half-case has therefore been designed in such a way that you can quickly use the camera when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself. Thanks to the cutout around the camera lens, you do not need to remove the case when you want to take a photo. In a way that you can act quickly and take a photo immediately.

    Bag & case accessories

    The bag and case accessories are various products which make your photography even easier. Organizers for your small accessories, locks to protect your camera equipment even better when you are travelling or comfortable carry belts to be able to carry your bag in even more comfort.

    Inspiration and tips

    Are you looking for even more tips and inspiration to get started with a photo bag or case? Take the time to have a look: