Our mission is to work with Videographers to create a sustainable future

Kamera Express is growing and, as a result, so is our impact. We are aware of our role and footprint as an international company. That is why it is our mission to work together with Videographers towards a sustainable future. We like to inspire you to visualise sustainability and we encourage you to do your sustainable bit too. We want to make impact with you. Will you help us realise our sustainable ambitions?

Our impact

With our annual sustainability report, we are taking serious steps towards becoming a sustainable organisation. With this Impact Report, we have mapped out what we are already doing in the field of sustainability and what we are still working on.

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We take our responsibility seriously and work towards a sustainable range and business. For example, we offer cameras a second life, rent out part of our range and offer a repair service to ensure your gear lasts as long as possible.

Our services

Second hand

With us you will find a wide range of second hand, Outlet and demo models, so you can also choose a more durable option when buying a Camera. 

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We encourage long and frequent use of our Products and therefore offer a comprehensive repair service so you can use your Camera like new again.

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Make a difference with your purchase

As a leading photo and video specialist, we naturally think it is important to set a good example. That is why we will plant trees in the last quarter of 2023 to offset the CO2 emissions from the production of the cameras we sell. So by doing so, you are directly contributing to a greener world with your purchase.

Research from The Restart Project has shown that Camera production releases 44kg of CO2 per kilogram of Product. The same study found that 95 per cent of a Camera's CO2 emissions are released during its production. The weight of a Camera varies from 400 grams to more than a kilo, so for the calculation of the CO2 compensation, we assumed that the production of one Camera is equivalent to 44 kg of CO2 emissions.

We offset these CO2 emissions by contributing to two different projects. The first project is in Indonesia and not only contributes to climate improvement but also enhances local biodiversity. In addition, this project has a social impact because the project is maintained in cooperation with the local population. The second project is in the Netherlands, for which we are laying out our own 'Kamera Express forest'. We think it is important to also put our feet in the mud ourselves, which is why we will plant the trees for this forest ourselves in early 2024.

A sustainable business from A to Z

We strive for sustainability in every step of your order. This starts, of course, with our product range. We want our Products to be produced under fair working conditions and with minimal negative impact on the environment. We are therefore in talks with our suppliers to gain more insight into the entire chain, so that we can then see where we can make more sustainable choices.

In addition, we are committed to making every step of your order as sustainable as possible. This starts with the packaging of your parcel. For this we use corrugated cardboard that is completely biodegradable. And did you know that we no longer send you a physical, paper packing slip? As a result, we save no less than 40,000 sheets of paper per month and you receive a digital invoice.

After we pack the parcels as sustainably as possible, they also need to be posted. For this, we use delivery services that focus on sustainability or our Fulpra cargo bike. This bicycle is the green solution for transporting products to our local store. We have already saved 1,200 trips with a diesel bus thanks to this electric bicycle!

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Frequently asked questions

We want to work with you to ensure that you and future generations can continue to capture the beauty of nature. By doing so, we want to reduce our impact on our planet.

We have already taken many steps, you can read about them in our Impact Report.

This is where we have prepared useful tips. You can read these tips here.

We use different delivery services, some just a little greener than others. All information on our shipping partners can be found here.

We would be happy to tell you more about that! On this page, you will find a comprehensive overview of all packaging materials.