The Sustainable Click - A look behind the scenes

From production to in-store: at Kamera Express we want to make every step in the process as sustainable as possible. That is why we think about the sustainable sourcing and packaging of our products, but also the sustainable shipping of your packages. This way, we want to make the process from producer to customer as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable packaging

Did you know that we use packaging that is biodegradable? And that we no longer send paper packing slips? We have already taken several steps to package our products as sustainably as possible. For example, we use more environmentally friendly envelopes and reuse packaging materials.

Corrugated board

We have been using corrugated cardboard in our packaging process since September 2020. This cardboard is partly made from paper and cardboard waste. In addition, it is completely biodegradable and thus many times more sustainable and responsible than, for example, plastic.

Paper packing list

Did you know that we no longer send physical, paper packing slips? This saves us no less than 40,000 sheets of paper per month. The order number is now listed on the shipping label and, in addition, you will receive a digital invoice, so the packing note is no longer needed.

Eco-friendly envelopes

We have since February 2022 returned white envelopes for a more environmentally friendly brown variety that are FSC Mix certified. FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council'. This label guarantees that at least 70 per cent of the wood used for the paper comes from responsibly managed forests.

Limiting 'air' shipping

The 'air bags' we use to make sure your Product does not slide or get damaged in the post have been replaced with a greener version from Sealed Air. These bags consist of 50 per cent recycled material. Moreover, we now have packaging boxes of different sizes. This means we no longer send a small Product in an oversized package with unnecessary air pockets.

Reusing packaging material

When we receive returns of products, we reuse the packaging material for a subsequent shipment, for example.

Sustainable shipping

After we pack the parcels as sustainably as possible, they also have to be posted. We also want to do the sending as sustainably as possible. So we use delivery services that focus on sustainability, such as Trunkrs, PostNL and DHL Parcel.

Fulpra cargo bike

With our Fulpra cargo bikes, we can transport products from our warehouse to our store on the Rietbaan easily and sustainably. It is a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance, so it also cycles comfortably for our delivery staff. It is the green solution for transporting products to our local store.


Trunkrs has a clear vision on sustainability. The delivery service aims not only to reduce its own footprint, but also to make the entire chain sustainable by continuing to use existing infrastructures, reusing materials and deploying unused capacity of company vehicles and buildings.

By taking responsibility, Trunkrs is making a positive impact on people and the environment.


Kamera Express' orders in the Netherlands and Belgium are shipped via PostNL. PostNL is working hard to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, the delivery service is committed to being as green, clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Among other things, PostNL already uses over 2,000 electric delivery vans and the company will deliver packages in 7 cities emission-free by 2021. Not only on the road does PostNL want to be as sustainable as possible, its sorting centres are also completely emission-free through the use of solar panels, economical energy consumption and procurement of sustainable energy with so-called Guarantees of Origin (Dutch). PostNL will have 96 per cent of all postal and letterbox parcels delivered emission-free by 2021. The delivery service aims to deliver all letters and parcels in the Benelux emission-free by 2030.

Climate neutral shipping via DHL Parcel

Photospecialist (Powered by Kamera Express) orders are sent climate-neutral via DHL Parcel. DHL is working hard to reduce CO2 emissions, for example by building sustainable sorting centres, running delivery trucks on HVO100 diesel and continuously expanding its electric fleet. DHL's goal is to reduce their global emissions to zero by 2050. In addition, DHL also offsets shipments within the Benelux through Land Life Company. The major advantages of parcel delivery via DHL are the electric vehicles, CO2-neutral city hubs and the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to zero.