Sony A7 mark IV

Sony A7 IV

The multi-talent: photography and video!

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After a long wait, the time has finally come. The Sony A7 mark IV has arrived!This full-frame mirrorless camera is the perfect camera for filming and photographing.The image quality of the camera is in fact excellent thanks to the 33 Megapixels, and for video recordings, you can count on 4K quality in 60p.

Sony A7 IV


  • Full frame E-mount
  • 33 megapixel Exmor CMOS-sensor
  • Record 4K in 60p
  • Bird's Eye autofocus
  • 10-bits 4:2:2
  • Tiltable LCD screen with touch screen
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Breathtaking picture quality

This Sony camera has an Exmor R sensor with 33 MP. With the processing power of the new Bionz XR, the A7 IV delivers excellent images in any situation, even in low-light conditions. Colour technology and creative modes have been applied to this camera, so you have vivid and lifelike colours in every shot, but in your own personal style.

Unprecedented autofocus performance

Autofocus is something Sony is famous for. With the Sony A7 IV, Sony has taken the next step. The latest technology for real-time tracking and eye autofocus has been used. This time, it's not only the case for people and animals, but you can also easily capture the eyes of birds, also known as Birds Eye Autofocus. In addition to sharply capturing the eyes, you can also effortlessly follow the animals while photographing or filming.

While shooting, you have a speed of up to 10 frames per second. The buffer will be emptied quickly, which ensures you can capture all the best action moments you don't want to miss.

Camera design

The camera housing has been updated compared to its predecessor. The A7 IV features a fast and clear 3.69 million dot electronic viewfinder. The LCD screen has also been renewed. The screen is now adjustable and tiltable, and has a touchscreen. Stability and comfort are of great importance when photographing and filming, which is why the camera is equipped with image stabilization in the housing over 5 axles.

The menu of the A7 mark IV has been updated compared to its predecessor. For example, you can operate the menu by means of a touchscreen, there is a nice rotary knob to switch between photo/video/S&Q mode, and you can store up to two memory cards in the body. All these new features allow you to focus even more on creating!

Filming with the A7 IV

As a video maker, you can get along well with the A7 IV! You can film in 4K quality with 60p without pixel merging. This ensures you are assured of top quality. In addition, as an experienced videographer, you can choose to film in 10-bit 4:2:2 and take advantage of the possibilities of S-CINETONE/S-LOG 3 picture profiles. This ensures you'll come home with cinema-worthy images that can easily be edited.You can save your own settings in the menu, such as the exposure triangle, as well as the settings of the image profiles in which you film.

Sony A7 IV

Here too, you have the fast real-time autofocus for tracking moving subjects or the subject's eyes. People or animals, it doesn't matter. The A7 IV features unique video tools such as focus compensation, a digital audio interface for connecting professional audio microphones, and a heat dissipation structure. The latter feature is ideal if you have regular long recording sessions.

Sony has taken many steps around ease of use with this full-frame camera, including for videographers. Thanks to the new body, you now have the record button on top of the body. This ensures that you can easily start or stop your recordings. This button is located at your thumb.

Always connected

Are you often on the road and want to share files quickly? No worries. The camera is easy to use and has quick options to share your photos and videos. With the latest compatibility with USB-C Gen 3.2, an ultra-fast Wi-Fi chip and Bluetooth mode, you can instantly transfer your photos and share them with the world. In addition to sharing your images, you can also make automatic backups thanks to the Bluetooth mode, so no more going home, worrying you may have lost your images.

You can connect by sharing your images with the home front, but there is more! You can also use the A7 IV as a streaming camera.You can stream live in 4K 15p or in Full HD 60p without a capture card. This ensures you as a streamer are always connected with your audience, wherever you are!

Comparing the Sony A7 III & Sony A7 IV

You probably have an important question! How does it differ from its predecessor, the Sony A7 III? To help you get started, we have made a comparison between these two cameras. See which specifications have been improved at a glance.

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