Finding the serial number of your equipment

You have just bought some new equipment and want to register it – either for your warranty or a cashback. To do so, you will need the serial number of your product. But what exactly is a serial number and how do you find it? You can often find it on the equipment itself. Unfortunately, its location varies per camera, lens, or flash. So you'll have to search for it. Which is why we have made a list of the most common locations of the serial number.

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What is a serial number?

A serial number is the ID of your camera, lens, camcorder, or other equipment. It consists of a combination of numbers and/or letters, and there are no other spaces or special characters included in the serial number.

Locations on camera equipment

serienummer battery grip


You can often find the serial number underneath the camera. Does your camera have a tilting screen? Then you'll find the serial number behind it.


The serial number on lenses has three possible locations. On the side of the lens cylinder, on the electronic mount, or at the front of the lens.

serienummer camcorder


For camcorders, you will find the serial number underneath the camcorder. If you can't find it there, take a look behind the battery.

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For flashes, it depends on the model. Most serial numbers can be found underneath the flash head, but another possible location is next to the hot shoe.

serienummer battery grip

Battery grip

The serial number on battery grips is the easiest to find. They are usually located on the flat part of the connection or at the bottom next to the tripod jack.