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Ecoflow - Portable Power Stations

Nothing is more annoying than being on the road and finding out that the battery of your equipment is (nearly) empty. Ecoflow has the perfect solution for this: portable power stations. With a portable charging station, you can charge all your devices simultaneously and on the go. You can also call it a mobile socket. Thanks to its small size, you can easily take it with you, for example in the car or on holiday with the camper, or during your photo and videography assignment.

These power stations are powerful enough to connect lighting, light tools or small household appliances in addition to your mobile devices. This makes them suitable for your boat, holiday cabin or caravan.

Are you on a long trip, or do you have to charge so many devices that your Ecoflow power station still runs out? Please don't worry! In addition to power stations, Ecoflow also has a very handy foldable solar panel in its range. This allows you to easily charge your power stations during your trip. It is also possible to connect an extra battery to your power station.

Let's explain all the products below, so that you're properly prepared for your photo trip, event or holiday!

Ecoflow Delta Portable Power Station

TheEcoflow Delta has a powerful 1260Wh rechargeable battery to recharge all your gear. It is possible to charge up to 13 devices at the same time, including 230 volt sockets, USB-A and USB-C connections and a 12 volt car connection too.

It is also possible to link several units together to create even more capacity and connection options.

With the Ecoflow Delta you always have a portable power supply with you, with enough power to power a (small) refrigerator, hob, hair dryer or lighting. The built-in battery is already 80% charged within an hour of charging. Need more power? The Delta is 100% charged within 2 hours.

Thanks to its small size, you can easily take with you on the go. A conventional fuel generator causes noise and odour pollution, but you don't have to worry about that with the DELTA. This Delta 1300 has a weight of 14 kg and has the following dimensions: 40 x 21 x 27 cm. This power station also has a very solid housing, and it has a built-in protection system against overheating and overload.

Ecoflow Delta

Ecoflow River Pro Portable Power Station

Ecoflow River Pro

With the Ecoflow River Pro you can charge up to 10 different devices at the same time, and thanks to the 720Wh, you have enough power. This power station has various USB connections and 2 sockets.The Ecoflow River Pro is 100% charged within 96 minutes.

There are several ways to charge this power station. For example, you can connect it to the Ecoflow solar panel, connect it to your car while driving, or in a socket when you have that option.

Weighing 7.6 kg, the River Pro falls under the lightweight power stations. In addition, it is also super compact. Thanks to the handle, you can carry this power station comfortably with you.

Ecoflow River Max Portable Power Station

The Ecoflow River Max is a power station for charging up to ten devices simultaneously. The Max distinguishes itself by means of an extra battery, giving it double the capacity of the normal Ecoflow River.

With a capacity of 576Wh, the River Max has enough power to add in a few extra hours. If the charging station itself is empty, it is already 80% full within 1 hour of charging. More than half an hour later, you also have the other 20%. No outlet nearby, but enough sunlight? Then you can also charge it by means of a solar panel.

The River Max features two AC power outlets, two normal USB-A and one USB-A Fast Charge output, a USB-C output, a car charger jack and two DC5521 outputs. This battery can be loaded with 600 watt and with a peak power up to 1200 watt. With its compact size and weighing just 7.7 kg, you can also easily take it with you.

Ecoflow Solar Panel 110W

TheEcoflow Solar Panel 110Wis a foldable solar panel with integrated kickstand. This makes it easy to put it in the right position. The solar panel is lightweight and is 51.4 by 42 cm in size when folded, making it ideal to take with you.

You don't have to worry in the rain either, because this solar panel is waterproof up to 1 meter with IP67 rating.

The solar panel has an MC4 connection. So you can use it for charging the Ecoflow Delta power station, among other things. If you have several solar panels, you can also connect them to each other. With four panels, the powerful power station is already charged in four hours. This solar panel can also be used with the River models from Ecoflow or generators from other brands.

Are you convinced?

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