Difference between the Samsung memory cards EVO and PRO

Samsung has two types of (Micro)SD cards: the EVO Plus and the PRO Plus line. Below, we explain the similarities and differences between the two and find out which series is best for you.


Up front, whichever Samsung card you choose, you are always choosing quality. Both the EVO Plus and PRO Plus lines have MicroSD and standard SD cards available. A regular SD card you use in your camera, for example, and the micro variant you see mostly in action cams, drones or tablets. And whether you have a Samsung device or not, Samsung's memory cards will fit any type of device with a memory card slot. Samsung has cards available from 32GB up to 512GB. A 32GB card will store over 5500 photos and the largest card will hold over 88000 4K images.

Both series feature fast transfer speeds and read and write larger files without problems. The cards with more storage capacity, 128GB with the EVO and 64GB with the PRO, also feature a U3/V30 speed rating. This guarantees a minimum write speed of 30MB/s and is essential for 4K video recording.

Both Samsung's standard SD cards and MicroSDs are made with high quality standards. Thanks to comprehensive 7-fold protection, you can take your storage card with you wherever you go. All cards withstand harsh conditions and heavy use and come with a 10-year limited warranty. Samsung's cards are water and temperature resistant, can withstand X-rays and magnetic fields, and are shock and drop resistant. Also, with a Samsung SD card, you won't suffer from wear and tear after frequent use.



But what exactly are the differences between the EVO and PRO Plus lines? This is mainly in the transfer rates and speed classes.

Are you looking for a fast, high-quality (Micro)SD card for everyday use, but don't want to pay top dollar? Samsung's EVO Plus line brings quality and affordability together. The cards in the EVO line achieve reading speeds of up to 130MB/s. So you can transfer your files to your PC in no time. The (Micro)SD cards with 128GB storage and more feature a U3 and V30 speed rating, ideal for 4K videos. All cards in the EVO line are of course Samsung's premium build quality.


For the more demanding user, Samsung also has the PRO Plus line. The cards in this series read your files even faster. The cards in this series read your files even faster. Both the MicroSD and standard SD cards read up to 180MB/s and write up to 130MB/s. This makes them faster than the EVO versions. Ideal if you want to export your files really quickly under time pressure. Within the PLUS line, choose cards with storage capacities between 64GB and 512GB.

Both the EVO Plus and PRO Plus series consist of high-quality (Micro)SD cards. The choice is yours as to which storage capacity and transfer speed you want.

Below, we have listed all the specifications in a table.




EVO Plus MicroSD

PRO Plus MicroSD

Storage capacity 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Reading speed Up to 130MB/s Up to 180MB/s Up to 130MB/s Up to 180MB/s
Writing speed Up to 120MB/s Up to 130MB/s Up to 120MB/s Up to 130MB/s
Speed class U1, V10 (32-64GB)
U3, V30 (128-256GB)
U3, V30 U1, V10 (64GB)
U3, V30 (128-512GB)
U3, V30
Protection 7-way 7-way 6-way 6-way