Time lapse camera

A time lapse camera captures images with an interval between each photo. The intervals of the time-lapse in which separate images are made, can be flexibly set depending on the application. 1 frame per second to one frame per 24 hours. Once the photos are taken a film will be made. Through this film technique you can make changes visible that are normally too slow to perceive. You can set the interval. This gives you control over the film you want to make.

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18 Item(s)


The time-lapse was first used in nature films especially, but more and more often amateurs use them as well. The time-lapse is used, both in the private sphere, for example, filming the construction of a house, as well as commercial applications, such as the progress of major construction projects, experiments, production processes or events.

Anyone can create a timelapse

Three years in ten seconds: the time lapse is more popular than ever. But how do you make now a good time lapse? Provide a solid base for your camera or try to move as little as possible. It is convenient to use a tripod. In addition, make sure that there are no people walking through the image, avoid branches of trees or blades of grass: these make for a vibrant image. Use the appropriate interval for the object. Take the speed of the subject that you are using in mind.

Brinno timelapse camera

In our range you will find timelapse cameras from the brand Brinno. With a Brinno timelapse cameramaking a timelapse video is easy. It's a matter of setting, recording and enjoying impressive video. The cameras from Brinno are available with various options.

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