Converter Lenses

A converter lens is a convenient accessory and changes the focal length of the lens. There are macro converter lenses and wide-angle converter lenses. Macro converter lenses shorten the focal length and wide angle converter lenses increase the angle of view. The converter lens is easy to attach to the screw thread of your lens. The size of the converter lens you need depends on the diameter of your lens. For example: ø45 means that you must have a 45mm converter lens.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Macro converter lens

A macro converter lens is an indispensable accessory for closeups and product photography. A macro converter lens shortens the focal length of your lens so you can bring the camera closer to the subject. You can capture the object more fully with your camera.

Wide angle converter lens

With a wide angle converter lens, the angle of view increases, rather than decreases. From this same position, you can capture more.

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