Yongnuo's main activities are developing products and production and retail trade of professional photo equipment. About 10 years ago, Yongnuo started by offering high quality photography gear. Yongnuo owes its good reputation to their management concept: "Customer First, Reputation First and Service First". Yongnuo is motivated to keep developing the company until they're the number one photographic equipment company in the world.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Yongnuo selection

The Yongnuo selection has a lot to offer. For instance the Yongnuo lenses, flashes or adapters. Are you looking for the ideal lens for photographing in low-light conditions? Then the Yongnuo EF 35mm F2.0 is a good fit for you. This lens is very suitable for reporting and street photography. Are you looking for a LED light that will last hours? Have a look at the Yongnuo YN-160 Led Light, which keeps going for over 10,000 hours.

Yongnuo adapter

Are you looking for an adapter that makes it possible to use a Canon EF or EF-S lens on a Sony Alpha camera body with E-mount? Then you should purchase the Yongnuo Canon EF to Sony E Smart Adapter. The Smart function transfers all data such as focus and aperture between the lens and the body. Once you have this smart Yongnuo adapter at your disposal, the amount of available lenses for your Sony camera with E-mount increases exponentially.

Yongnuo Speedlite Transmitter

The Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Transmitter possesses the same possibilities as the original Canon transmitter, only it's much cheaper and even has a larger range. The Yongnuo Speedlite Transmitter has an infra-red adjuster light to be able to work in low-light conditions.

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