Wacom image editing

Wacom is loved by artists and professionals all over the world. Wacom's unique digital pen technology enables precise and natural input so you can concentrate on what's really important: your creations. Creativity inspires new ideas and new imagination and brings change to the world.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Wacom Intuos Pro M

The innovative Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet gives you the power to produce professional results. Wacom's best pen capabilities are combined with 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, allowing you to experience the accuracy and precision of traditional brushes, pens and markers. The Wacom Intuos Pro detects the software you are using and gives you the best options.

Features of Wacom image editing

  • Accurate and precise products
  • True-to-life colours are optimally displayed
  • Inspires new creative ideas

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With the accurate and precise products from Wacom you will be inspired to new creative ideas. Are you curious about what Wacom has to offer? Then have a look at the range on Photospecialist. Feel free to contact us for questions or suitable advice.

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