Tiffen 62mm Digital HT ND 1.2

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Tiffen 62mm Digital HT ND 1.2

Tiffen 62mm Digital High Transmission ND 1.2

The Neutral Density filter reduces the amount of light passing through the lens without changing the colour tone. This filter can be useful at times with lots of light, and helps you to avoid overexposure. This filter also allows you to use a large aperture, which otherwise would have led to overexposure.

High Transmission Tiffen filters
The High Transmission Digital filters are a state-of-the-art technological breakthrough in multi-coated photo and video filters. The filters are made specifically for the demanding professional and enthusiastic photographer. The High Transmission filters have a double titanium coating and excel in hardness and durability.

The High Transmission filters offer the strength of a Titanium coating combined with the purest optical quality glass. This combination creates unmatched scratch-resistant durability. You do not have to worry about dust, weather or scratches. Due to the coating dust particles and weather elements don't get a chance to stay behind on the filter.

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Tiffen 62mm Digital HT ND 1.2
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Tiffen 62mm Digital HT ND 1.2

Tiffen 62mm Digital HT ND 1.2


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