Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizer Filter

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Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizer Filter

Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizing filter

Polarizing filters are filters that are often used for special situations. A CP-filter which is slightly bluer compared to a UV filter. A CP filter can be used nicely for landscape photography, by turning the CP-filter you can create different shades of blue, This way you can decide how blue you want the sky to become.
Polarizing filters are primarily designed to remove reflections from surfaces and particularly that of glass and water. As a result, the colours become stronger and the air darker.

There are two different types of polarizing filters, a circular filter and a linear filter. Linear filters are less expensive and more effective than circular filters. However you need a circular filter if you have a camera that measures through the lens or has autofocus, otherwise the filter turns off one or both functions.


- For general outdoor use
- Provides dramatic skies and minimizes reflections
- Can be rotated to the desired effect
- The Warm Polarizer Filter combines the benefits of a linear polarizing filter with the warm effect of a Colour Warming Filter, making it ideal for portraits and landscapes

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Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizer Filter
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Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizer Filter

Tiffen 4x4 Warm Polarizer Filter


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