Bagmania at Photospecialist

It's Bagmania again at Photospecialist! During this promotion, you will benefit from discounts on various bag brands. For example, you get a 10% discount on selected bags from Peak Design and Thule, a 15% discount on Mindshift bags, among others, and a whopping 30% discount on bags from Kata.

That is how it works

You can use discount codes in our online store to claim the discount on your product. Every brand has a different discount percentage. You will find an overview of all brands and the corresponding discount codes below. Note: the discounts are valid on selected bags. Questions? Visit our FAQ page

All discount percentages

10% discount with the code 'kemania10'

15% discount with the code 'kemania15'

20% discount with the code 'kemania20'

30% discount with the code 'kemania30'

See the most popular sale categories below:

These brands also have a discount:*

* Only on selected products

FAQ Bagmania

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