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A tablet is a portable computer with a touchscreen. By moving your fingers across the screen, you can fully control the tablet. Like a smartphone, it's possible to connect a tablet to the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile network. It is also possible to download various apps, allowing you to use a tablet for many applications. In our range you will find Apple tablets, the so-called iPad.

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Why a tablet?

A tablet is excellent for using multimedia. Think about viewing photos and videos, listening to music and playing games. The advantage of a tablet is that they are extremely easy to use. In fact, it's a small laptop, but without a keyboard and extensive operating system. A tablet is ready for use and easy to operate by touch screen. It is also very compact and wireless, which means you are not bound to a location. This allows you to easily take a tablet anywhere.

Tablet of laptop?

Despite its size, a tablet does not offer less performance than a laptop or notebook. Most features on a laptop or notebook are also available for tablets. Browsing the web, word processors and many other programs and apps are easy to use on a tablet. Digital books are also very readable with a tablet.

Apple iPad

The iPad features a sleek and thin design and is available in various colors. When you want to purchase an iPad, you can choose different storage capacities in addition to the color. If you want to use many apps or save a lot of media, we recommend choosing as much storage as possible.

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