Sun Sniper

In 2009, Sun Sniper was founded by Wolfgang-Peter Geller, a professional photographer and owner of Sunbounce GmbH. Geller is two-time winner of the World Press Photo Award. In designing the ultimate Sniper-STRAP system, the owner of Sun Sniper was inspired by the American Cavalry Carbine Sling 1885, produced at Rock Island Arsenal. Sun Sniper-STRAP is a new generation of safe, quick, smooth and comfortable camera support for professional photographers.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Sun Sniper Strap One

The Sun Sniper Strap is a very comfortable camera strap, which is specifically designed for professional photographers. The strap has a shock absorber that is integrated in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable. Because the strap shifts the centre of gravity of the camera, it will become easier to use larger lenses. The Sun Sniper One can carry weight up to 1.5 kilos. If your equipment weighs more, than you should consider the Sun Sniper Pro or Pro II.

Sun Sniper Triple-Press Harness

This comfortable Sun Sniper is very suitable for news, wedding or sports photographers. The harness is made for two digital SLR cameras and one smaller camera. In stead of the digital compact camera, you could also bring binoculars. With the Sun Sniper Triple-Press Harness, you can safely bring all your equipment.

Sun Sniper Backpack Strap

When you are on the road with a heavy backpack, it can become a nuisance to carry a camera with an additional strap. The Sun Sniper Backpack Strap works the same as a standard camera strap, but you can attach it to your backpack. This way, you won't have to walk around with both a bag and a camera belt. The Sun Sniper Backpack Strap can carry up to 5 kilos.

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