Studio Flashes

A studio flash is the most widely used light source in a photo studio. The advantage is that the flash has control over the intensity and direction of the light. You can use a studio flash with different accessories, so you can bundle the light in various ways. This way, you can experiment with exposure and play with special light effects.

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1 Item(s)

Flash tube and modeling lamp

The flash has a flash tube. This is a lamp that produces a powerful flashlight in a very short time. In most cases, a studio flash also has a modeling lamp. This lamp has less light output than a flash tube, but it has a different function. By using a modeling lamp, you can see exactly where the light should fall on the subject. It shows exactly what the effect of the light is and where the shadows fall. This is especially useful in situations with low ambient light.

Main light and filling light

Studio photography often discusses main light and filling light. The main light is filled in by a studio flash that has the greatest light output. The filling light is often less strong. It causes shadows to be slightly illuminated so that an image has enough depth and details.

The target number

Most studio flash units contain a target number. A target number indicates how much light a studio flash can deliver. The following applies: The higher the target number, the higher the light output. The target number also says something about the maximum distance at which a flash can expose a subject at a particular diaphragm.

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