Storm Jacket

Storm Jacket camera covers are the quickest and easiest way to protect professional cameras and lenses from harmful conditions such as snow, wind, rain, dust and UV rays. Storm Jackets are available is various models and colours and offer protection to most SLR cameras, DV cameras and full-size professional Betcam style cameras.

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Storm Jacket Camera Cover M

The medium-sized Storm Jacket Camera Cover works with mid-length and long lenses, and is recommended by most clients. Measure your camera or lens from the backside of the body to the front of the lens. If it measures 18 to 38cm, than this is the right Storm Jacket for you.

Storm Jacket Pro

The Storm Jacket Pro Camouflage is exactly the same as the standard Storm Jacket. The only difference is an opening at the bottom, for mounting a tripod. This opening also makes it easier to focus manually. Storm Jacket Pro models don't come in size Small and are only available in black and camouflage.

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