Standard lens

Standard lenses are lenses that are suitable for most subjects. These are lenses with the angle of view closest to the viewpoint of the human eye. This angle of view is approximately 50 degrees diagonally. As a result, these lenses are suitable for many subjects. In a standard lens, the focal length is approximately equal to the image size diagonal.

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3 Item(s)

The benefits of a standard lens

A major advantage of a standard lens is that the angle of view corresponds most closely with the human eye's viewpoint. That is about 50 degrees diagonal.

For which situation is a standard lens suitable

Standard lenses are suitable if you want to capture whatever you see with your eyes. Due to the 'standard' character, this type of lens is not suitable for special situations. For example, if you want to get distant subjects close or make close-ups,it is better not to choose a standard lens.

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