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Sony PHDVM-63DM DVCAM DV Digital Master

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Sony PHDVM-63DM DVCAM DV Digital Master

Sony PHDVM 63DM DVCAM DV Digital master

Designed for any Mini-DV, DVCAMTM, or HDV camcorders, DigitalMasterTM tape is far from ordinary. It's the only professional video-tape with not one, but two active magnetic layers, for 90% fewer errors than consumer DV tape. Because video error correction is so good, errors are sneaky. Even as the errors accumulate, you'll think you're fine. Your first sign of trouble can be a dropout that can break up the image on a one-of-a-kind take. Your risk is even greater if the tape will undergo such adverse conditions as dusty or smoky environments, temperature and humidity changes, repeated playback or extended time in pause mode. So why risk it at all? When it comes to your vision, demand DigitalMaster tape.

DigitalMASTER is Sony's highest quality tape for professional projects show in Mini DV or DVCAM format. Sony has taken this superior tape and improved it even further.

THE ONLY PRO TAPE WITH NOT ONE BUT TWO ACTIVE MAGNETIC LAYERS. Improves Carrier-to-Noise Ratio by 2 db for 90% fewer errors, and 50% fewer dropouts than consumer DV tape!

90% FEWER GLITCH-INDUCING ERRORS. Compared to consumer DV tape. So your productions are protected.
50% FEWER DROPOUTS. Compared to consumer DV tape. Visible dropouts can ruin a take; a potential disaster that may require you to re-shoot, settle for the second-best take, or spend extra time and money to fix in post. DigitalMaster tape protects you better.
TOUGHER TAPE. Compared to - consumer DV tape, DigitalMaster tape has 30% more protective Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating. So DigitalMaster tape stands up to abuse where consumer DV tape begins to show picture disturbances.
BETTER WHATEVER THE WEATHER. DigitalMaster tape stands up better through temperature/humidity variations and long-term archival storage. Shrinkage is reduced 50% compared to consumer DV tape.
GREATER COMPATIBILITY FROM CAMCORDER TO VTR. DigitalMaster tape maintains width dimensional tolerances twice as well as consumer DV tape. This means greater compatibility from machine-to-machine.
REPELS DUST. Sony's anti-static cassette lid helps keep dust and dirt away from your work.
PROTECTIVE LOCKING ALBUM CASE. Because Sony's professional-grade album case securely locks tight, it resists accidentally opening when dropped or jumbled around in an equipment bag, compared to the non-locking consumer DV case.
Run time 41 minutes in DVCAM, 63 minutes in HDV or DV.

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Sony PHDVM-63DM DVCAM DV Digital Master
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