Smartphone photography

The times where a mobile phone was only used for calling and texting are far behind us. Nowadays, our phone has become 'smart' and we can use it for all sorts of things. One of the things our phones get used for most, is photography. Most smartphones now feature a powerful sensor and clear lens, inching closer to what a digital compact camera has to offer.

Smartphone photography, almost everyone practises it. The possibilities are becoming more extensive. The accessories grow larger in number and they are becoming more and more advanced. Have a look at our selection and read more about smartphone photography.

Smartphone photography: Must haves

Saving photos

Some smartphones have a large internal memory, allowing you to store hundreds of pictures. But often, you will need a microSD card for extra storage.

Have a look at memory cards

Editing photos

Smartphone photography is accessible to everyone. After all, everyone has a smartphone. However, to give your photos that professional look, some editing is inescapable.

Have a look at photo editing software

Printing photos

Once you have taken a picture with your smartphone and edited it, you can store it to your NAS for instance, but you can also print it in high resolution.

Have a look at printers


Tips, tricks, news and reviews for smartphone photography

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