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Ring Flash

A ring flash is an excellent tool to create very evenly exposed images in an easy way. A ring flash is used primarily for macro photography, but is also suitable for product photography and nature photography. A ring flash provides a circular illumination of the subject and its background.

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14 Item(s)

The lightsource of a ringflash

As the name suggests, a ring flash is a light source in the form of a ring. A ring flash provides light from the source. Typically, the camera flash is on top of the camera, this is like throwing the light onto the object. The ring flash unit provides shadowless light, shadows will not clog. It is also ideal when you want to photograph objects closeby.

Ring Flashes for various purposes

The use of a ring flash is widely used in macro photography. By a uniform illumination, shadows can be minimized. The exposure is subtly conveyed with a ring flash which also makes details more visible. A ring flash is suitable for portrait photography as well. However, it makes the light output more powerful. This creates the well-known halo-effect.

Features of the ring flash

A ring flash is a unique tool for various applications. With the transmitted light, the photo gets a certain atmosphere in which the subject or the person really comes to the front. A ring flash creates a circular reflection in the eyes, this is commonly perceived as more beautiful. You can also play with the contrast yourself, this gives you control over the atmosphere of the photo.