Really Right Stuff B150-B Macro Focusing Rail

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Really Right Stuff B150-B Macro Focusing Rail

The B150-B is our premium linear motion lead screw focusing stage and rail. The B150-B is designed to mate seamlessly with our quick release systems in as compact a package as possible. The bottom rail comprises a Really Right Stuff-compatible dovetail that mates with your ballhead clamp while the stage integrates our patented lever clamp that connects directly to your Really Right Stuff camera plate.
Fine focusing is precise. Camera to subject distance can be adjusted in minute increments for super-fine focus; lead screw delivers 1.25mm of travel per full revolution.

Rough positioning is done in one of two ways: either press the stage release lever and slide the stage on top of the rail or loosen the jaws of theballhead clamp and slide the rail within the jaws of the clamp. This compound adjustment feature effectively doubles the total gross adjustment range. Turn the focus knob at the back or front of the rail for super-fine focusing. The entire assembly is compact and rock solid. Purchase dedicated body plate separately.


  • Really Right Stuff compatible dovetail extends the full length of the rail. Rail can also be mounted using industry standard 1/4”-20 tripod socket.
  • Integral lever-release clamp offers optimum quick release convenience with ultra-low profile.
  • Gross adjustment is made by shifting either the stage, or shifting the entire rail, or both.
  • Fine adjustment is made with the lead screw focusing stage, which provides additional 103mm of movement. - Total adjustment range is 231mm (9”).
  • Laser-engraved index marks on clamp assist lateral positioning; one on center, two 24mm apart on center, and two 36mm apart on center. Rail is laser-engraved on both sides in 1mm increments.
  • Precision CNC machined in the USA from solid aircraft-quality aluminum and finished in a beautiful matte-black anodize. All excess mass is removed to minimize weight and all corners are radiused for beauty and comfort.
  • Comes packed in a lightweight, snug-fitting neoprene Op/Tech USA Soft PouchTM protective case with logo and built-in locking belt-clip.
  • Also makes a great nodal point rail (see panorama equipment).
  • Need geared motion in both the “x” and “y” axes? Stack a second B150 for the Ultimate B150-B Package.
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Really Right Stuff B150-B Macro Focusing Rail
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Really Right Stuff B150-B Macro Focusing Rail

Really Right Stuff B150-B Macro Focusing Rail


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