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Print your best moments and important documents with a (professional) printer. There are different types of printers available on the market and which suits you best, depends on the requirements you have for a printer. Popular are the all-in-one printers, with which you can scan, copy and print. Please contact our customer support when ordering multiple printers, in connection with deviating shipping costs.

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1 Item(s)

Laser printer

A laser printer is very useful if you want to print a lot of text documents. This can be for home use, but there are also laser printers for a small or large office. The advantage of a laser printer compared to an ink jet printer is that a laser printer can generally handle higher printing volumes. In addition, on average you print more pages per toner, so you have to buy toners less often.

Photo printer

You can basically print a photo with every printer, what makes a photo printer so special? The big difference is often the printing resolution and the extra functions. Pay attention to how often you want to use a photo printer when purchasing a photo printer. There are photo printers with which you occasionally print a photo and there are photo printers with which you can print photos at very high resolution and have more than 4 cartridges.

Inkjet printer

Nowadays, inkjet printers are often used, with which ink droplets are actually sprayed onto the paper. These printers are often cheaper than laser printers. There are inkjet printers with which you can only print and inkjet printers with which you can print, scan and copy. An inkjet printer is a good choice for home use, but is also a considerable option for business printing.

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