When August ends, many landscape photographers find their way to the heathen areas. The most common heather species blooms this period and produces beautiful purple flowers. In the Netherlands are many places, especially on the Veluwe, where these heaths can be found.

Especially during sunrise, preferably with a bit of fog, or with a beautiful sunset, it gets very crowded on the most photographed heathland of the Netherlands; The posbank. The Posbank is the general name for the south side of the Veluwezoom nature reserve, called the Herikhuizerveld. At the beginning of the last century, a stone bench was placed here in honor of the then president of the Royal Dutch Touring Club(ANWB), Mr. G.A. Pos..

Apart from the South of Limburg, the Posbank is the highest area in the Netherlands. The hills are completely covered with heaths and some lush trees and plants above the purple flowers. If you're lucky, you'll come across a grazing Portugal horse in that spectacular landscape.

Photo: Edwin Mooijaart

Photo: Edwin Mooijaart

Photos: Edwin Mooijaart

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