peak design

A complete ecosystem for Smartphones

Peak Design has developed a dedicated ecosystem for smartphone use. Besides the sturdy, stylish Cases, the range also includes various mounting accessories. Here, Peak Design has ensured that these work seamlessly together!

Smartphone cases

First and foremost, Peak Design's smartphone cases offer very good and long-lasting protection to your Smartphone, thanks to the rubberised, shock-absorbing bumper, protective bezel around the screen and Camera and the durable material.

In addition, the Cases also offer a very convenient attachment system: SlimLink. The SlimLink system is an ultra secure attachment system that works seamlessly with all Peak Design attachment accessories.

An attachment for every situation

In the Peak Design Mobile range, you'll find handy tools for a variety of situations. Whether you want a stylish, Wireless charger at the office, need a discreet smartphone holder in the car or on the bike, or want to take your smartphone photography and Videography to the next level. Peak Design has the solution for you!


In daily life

In everyday life, it can happen often enough that you want to be able to view your Smartphone without having to hold it in your hands. For example, at your workplace as a second screen or to watch preview videos while exercising. Peak Design even thinks out-of-the-box with a wallet and stand in one.



On the road

A safe way to mount your Smartphone in your car, on your bike or on your motorbike, without the need for limited-range clips. The SlimLink system allows you to quickly place your Smartphone on the holder in portrait or landscape mode. The discreet designs also make for a nice, unobtrusive look.



Smartphone photography and videography

For smartphone photo and videographers, Peak Design offers three different solutions. The Creator Kit gives you a wide range in terms of positioning, the Mobile Tripod offers you a quick and easy solution on the go and the Out-Front Bike Mount lets you capture your adventurous bike rides safely and easily.