Since 1998, Newswear's goal has been to produce the highest quality equipment for professional photographers, all over the world. Products by Newswear are exclusively made from strong materials and are produced following strict guidelines, so that the products can live up to their reputation. Newswear wants its customers to be able to use their camera bags under the most strenuous circumstances.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Newswear Mens Digital Chestvest

The Newswear Mens Digital Chestvest is designed for the photographer that wants to maintain a level of freedom of movement, while still being able to bring a lot of stuff. The Newswear Chestvest has four large compartments, distributing the weight over the body. This increases the comfort of wearing considerably. All straps and buckles are adjustable, so it doesn't matter what your size or shape is.

Newswear Telephoto Press Pouch

The Newswear Press Pouch is designed to hold your telephoto lenses, such as the Canon 70-200mm F2.8 or the Nikkor 80-200mm. The pouch is foam-lined to absorb any shocks. The durable nylon of the Newswear Press Pouch is waterproof and stainproof.

Newswear Short Lens Rain Poncho

The Newswear Short Lens Rain Poncho for Canon EOS keeps your valuable camera and lens dry when working in wet conditions. The Newswear Rain Poncho has a window in the 100% waterproof material, allowing you to see the LCD screen of your camera. The rain poncho is a perfect fit for the Canon 70-200mm lens, but is also compatible with a 300mm F2.8.

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