Microscopes are tools for studying objects that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microscopes consist of two optical parts: a lens and an ocular, connected by a tube. The microscope lens shows an enlarged image of the object, which can be enlarged even more with the ocular. Microscopes are often used for medical, biological and forensic research.

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Microscopes for various applications

Of course, microscopes can also be used for studying insects, plant cells, coins and stamps. There are specific microscopes for each application. Various brands of microscopes can be found in our web shop, with various maximum magnifications.

Are you looking for a microscope?

Whether you want to study insects, plant cells, coins or stamps, there are microscopes for every application. It doesn't matter what you need a microscope for, we have a wide selection of microscopes and accessories, in different price ranges, suitable for young and old. In addition to microscopes, we have i.a. preparations and microscope cameras.

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If you want to buy a microscope, you have come to the right place. You can find various microscopes for all kinds of purposes in our web shop.

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