In the north of Norway is the archipelago of Lofoten. A wonderfully beautiful area for the landscape photographer. Steep mountain peaks, wild waters and picturesque fishing villages are characteristic for this, up until recently, relatively unknown area. Many photographers had never heard of this region before Instagram's era.

The best time to visit Lofoten is in February and March. During this period you will have a good chance of winter weather and the days are of acceptable length. This allows you to capture multiple locations in a day. Moreover, on bright nights there is a chance to admire the Northern light. But we are not the only ones who know this! In the town of Reine there is a special wooden float designed for photographers, so everyone has a good view of the harbor. One kilometer to the north is much the smaller town of Hamnøy. This village consists of a collection of fishermen's cottages built against an impressive rock. On the bridge it is hard to find a spot with all the other fellow photographers. The view provides an ideal composition to capture both the houses, the rock and the roaring sea water.

Photo: Ronald Jansen

Photo: Ronald Jansen


Photo: Felix Inden

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