Light tent

A light tent is a convenient tool for product photography. A light tent consists of a cube-shaped frame with a white canvas stretched over it. The shooting tent ensures that the light is spread inside the tent, which exposes the object from all sides. The product is placed inside the shooting tent, allowing you to take shadow-free pictures. This increases the quality of your photos.

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Pop-up shooting tents

The shooting tents in our selection are pop-ups, allowing you to use them quickly and easily. Moreover, the tents can be folded into a compact, flat disk. This allows you to store the tent anywhere, or bring it along with you wherever you go. Our light tents are therefore easy to use. What's more, the tents we offer come with various backgrounds. These can be switched out using a convenient velcro system, in most cases.

Choose the right size

When purchasing a shooting tent, it is important to check the size of the tent. Naturally, the products that you want to photograph should fit inside the tent. Additionally, it is important that some space is left. This is to prevent you from photographing the corners and seams of the tent as well. Fortunately, you will find various sizes in our selection, so you will always find a light tent that suits your needs.

Purchase your shooting tent online

Shadow-free product photos are very important when you want to present your products in a good way. This is especially important when using the photographs for marketing and advertising purposes. Of course, you could purchase a complete photo studio, but a light tent might also do the trick.

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