Light Stands

In photography or video production, having the proper lighting is of great importance. Without the right exposure, you won't get the best result from your photos or videos. Studio lights and filters can help you create the proper amount of light. However, the light should be positioned at the correct height. A light stand is the solution for this. A light stand offers the perfect support for studio lights and flashes.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Lightweight and sturdy light stands

You can find various types of light stands in our web shop. Most are made of lightweight and sturdy material. They are also easy to expand and move around. Some models even have wheels. These light stands are particularly useful for photographers who like to work with a creative light formation.

Light stand with boom arm

If you want to expose a subject from different angles, a light stand with boom arm is an excellent solution. The boom arm allows you to hang the light above the subject in a safe and stable way. Usually, this boom arm is extendable, giving you ultimate control over the position of the light.

Various brands of light stands

We carry various brands of light stands. You can choose from such well-known brands as Manfrotto, Interfit and Jinbei for instance.

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