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Photography is not just about a good camera. Lenses are just as important to take those cool photos. Where do you start when choosing a new lens? Which one is the right addition to what you already have in your possession? Which one is best suited for the type of photos you want to take? Thanks to the Sony E-mount, you don't have to worry about the lens mount. These lenses all fit your Sony mirrorless camera! Time to search for the right lens for your Sony camera, or view all Sony lenses directly here.

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Sony One Mount

Sony has equipped all mirrorless cameras and lenses with a single mount: the E-mount. Thanks to this mount, you as a creator never have to buy other lenses when you want to buy a new Sony camera. This way, you can easily switch lenses between your mirrorless, compact and video camera.

Just grow with your equipment at any stage of your hobby or career

Connect with APS-C and full-frame lenses

Integrated design that's ready for the future

Perfect for photography and videography

New: Sony 20-70mm f/4.0 G

The Sony 20-70mm f/4.0 G is a high-quality full-frame zoom lens that is ideal for portrait, video, landscape and street photography, among others.

488 grams

Customized buttons and aperture ring

Fixed aperture of F/4.0

Minimal focus breathing

Fantastic clarity

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objectieven portret


When you take portraits, you want a lens with a large aperture. This creates a beautiful blur in the background, which draws even more attention to emotion. Furthermore, you want to opt for a natural image distance, between 35-80 mm.

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objectieven landschap


Do you like shooting landscapes? Then the Sony lenses are perfect for you. Thanks to the sturdiness and quality of the lens, as well as the unlimited clarity in the entire image, you can take the most beautiful photos.

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objectieven straat en Architectuur

Street & Architecture

In street and architectural photography, wide-angle lenses are the ideal solution. A wide-angle lens ensures more fits in the frame and thanks to Sony's high quality, you can take even sharper photos.

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wildlife objectieven


When shooting wildlife, it is important to have a powerful zoom, so you can capture all the details. This way you can get closer to the wild animals, and the image stabilisation in the lenses reduces the camera vibrations.

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objectieven sport


Sweat drops, water splashes or just the spectacular actions, that's what you want to capture in sports photography. Indispensable here are lenses with a large range. This ensures you are really part of the actions.

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objectieven video


A fast autofocus, silent focus, wide range, image stabilisation and a beautiful bokeh; when you spend a lot of time making videos, these features are indispensable for the lenses in your range. Sony's video lenses have this.

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objectieven macro


The micro world is and remains truly special. With the special macro lenses you can capture colours and details through magnification, and it is possible to focus around 15 cm from your subject. With the 30 mm f/2.8, this is even just 2 centimetres.

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objectieven weinig licht


Do you often shoot in low light? Then these are important: a large aperture, complete clarity in the centre and all corners, and fantastic quality. Sony's lenses are therefore suitable for astrophotography or low-light photography.

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