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Lens Case

The safest way to transport your valuable lens is in a lens case. A lens case is a small bag specially designed for your lens. For almost any lens, you will find a suitable lens case. A big advantage is that you can easily attach most lens cases to your bag. This allows you to quickly reach your lens without having to open your entire bag first.

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Lens case range

Store your lenses safely in a lens case made for that purpose. Our range of lens cases consists of different brands, sizes and colours. We mainly offer black lens cases, but we also sell lens cases in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, and orange.

Lens cases from EasyCover and LensCoat

The EasyCover and LensCoat brands have a belt loop attached to the lens case. This simply connects your lens case to your belt or bag. That's very handy, because you can quickly grab your lens without having to open your bag first to get the lens out.

Buy your lens case online

In our webshop you will find our range of lens cases. Buy your lens case online.

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