Leica Mirrorless Camera

Discover and experience photography with the classic mirrorless cameras from Leica. The cameras are characterized by speed, compactness and image quality. For example, you can see a preview of the finished photo before you press the shutter button. In addition, you can tailor the system camera to your own needs through the touchscreen with intuitive navigation and controls. Leica gives you the feeling that you control every photo you make.

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Various Leica series

Leica has years of experience in making beautiful and compact cameras, including three series of system cameras. The SL series has an electronic viewfinder and shutter and impresses with a robust character. If you are looking for a more compact camera, the TL series is a good choice. The CL series forms the basis for special photographic experience.

Features of Leica mirrorless cameras

  • Innovative
  • Compact and fast
  • Precision work and craftsmanship of the highest quality

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