LEE Resin Twilight Graduated - Hard Edge

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LEE Resin Twilight Graduated - Hard Edge

Deep blue/black gives a monochromatic twilight look.

Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in one part of a scene with another. This is especially true in situations where you don't have total light control, as in bright contrasty landscapes. Sometimes it is also desireable to add colour to part of the photograph. For example, to add blue to only the sky. Lee Color Graduated filters are half-colour, half-clear, with a graduated transition for blending into the scene. They are available in an array of colours.

Lee colour graduated filters are available with soft or hard transitions from dark to clear. The soft edge is recommended for wide angle lenses and the hard edge is recommended for normal and longer lenses.

Lee graduated resin filters are 4 x 6" (100 x 150mm) x 2mm thick. The 6" length allows for adjustment of the filter within the holder.

LEE Filters manufacture a wide range of filters suitable for all aspects of photography. Resin filters are made from lightweight, optically superior polymeric materials which makes them tough, easy to handle and clean. Each resin filter is hand made by our technicians and then passed through rigorous quality control to ensure 100% accuracy. Resin filters are generally available in Grad type (half colour, half clear) or standard type (all colour). Because of the way they are made, resin filters can be manufactured in virtually any size to fit other filter systems or for hand holding. These filters are made as custom filters to your order.

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LEE Resin Twilight Graduated - Hard Edge
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LEE Resin Twilight Graduated - Hard Edge

LEE Resin Twilight Graduated - Hard Edge


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