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IP camera

An IP camera is a camera with a network connection. The images are sent via a computer via a cable (UTP) or through the air using Wi-Fi. An IP Camera is particularly special because it is possible with this technique to create images with high image quality. If you watch live you can enjoy a much sharper image and play back the recorded images, it is possible to digitally zoom in on important details. An IP camera is also great to see at night, by means of infrared light.

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18 Item(s)

The benefits of an IP camera

Instead of the old delayed analogue security camera an IP camera is easy to connect (often wireless) to a network. This allows you to easily view and manage the images from your computer. Other benefits of an IP camera are mainly the functions. For example, direct storage of images to a (micro) SD card, direct sending of an e-mail notification or a live stream on your smartphone or tablet.

What you can do with an IP camera

An IP camera is often used in business and in government for professional video surveillance of objects and locations. An IP camera is also great for your private area, for numerous applications, for example for monitoring your property (such as your home, business, garden, car or boat). In addition, the camera can also function as a baby monitor or to follow pretty processes in nature.

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