Hama Hardcase Colour Style 60L Black

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Hama Hardcase Colour Style 60L Black

Many of us own a camera or camcorder, whether it’s simply to take snaps for the family album or to earn a living as a professional photographer. Not all photo opportunities take place at home, and it is often inevitable that at some point or other our cameras will have to be transported with us to capture photos at another location, leaving it somewhat exposed to the elements without the protection of a good quality camera bag.

Hama is Hard to Beat!

Suitable for small digital cameras the super durable and hard-wearing Hardcase 60L Camera Bag is a prime example of such as bag, keeping your camera protected from dust, grime and the small knocks and bumps often occurred during transportation that could otherwise cause permanent damage and inhibit its effective performance. The sleek and stylish white design features a zipper opening to firmly secure your camera within the case, yet still permits easy access to the camera to ensure that you can always whip out your camera if an unexpected photo opportunity arises. In addition, there is also a flat inner compartment so you can have peace of mind that small accessories such as memory cards will also be transported safely.

Great on the Go

Designed specifically for photography on the go, this versatile case provides several different transportation options in the form of a neck strap and belt loops, for comfortable and convenient carrying that suits both you and your situation.


  • Camera bag made of robust EVA material, for secure protection of the camera
  • For small digital cameras
  • Colour: black
  • Flat inner compartment for storage media
  • With neck strap and belt loop
  • Inside dimensions: 7 x 4 x 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 70 g
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Hama Hardcase Colour Style 60L Black
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Hama Hardcase Colour Style 60L Black

Hama Hardcase Colour Style 60L Black


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