Godox P158Kit - Kit Parabolic158 & PF-M & PF-R870

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Godox P158Kit - Kit Parabolic158 & PF-M & PF-R870

The Godox P158Kit is a parabolic light focus system that creates a distinctive way of shaping light. This is due to the technical precision and the pursuit of excellence. The 24-arm reflector works perfectly as a light reinventor, creating dimensions that other light shapers couldn't.

The kit has a focus system, giving you excellent light variations from a single modifier. The easy-to-use focusing rod allows you to achieve different lighting results. When the light is placed inward, the scattered rays are stretched to form a focused, narrow beam of great contrast. The moment the light is placed further out, the reflected rays tend to scatter. This gives you a softer light and less contrast. 

Beautiful light effects are created. Rich contrasts can be obtained while illuminating tonal areas evenly with great depth. Details and charms are merged into one whole. Vivid colours are strongly preserved to enhance the impact of the image. The overall intensity is adjustable to the visual aesthetic. The system shows its mastery at all levels of light quality—the best for fashion, beauty, fine art, and other artistic creations.

The adapter ring connects you preferred light head. This is specially designed with a smaller diameter, so the light output is less blocked. Thanks to the well-thought-out mechanical design with the one-twist release, the light is easy to use and quick to set up. The light is protected by 2 safety mechanisms. The anti-rotation mechanism and a fall protection rope. This is to protect your light head from accidental drops.

This kit can be used in combination with

  • Focusing mount: PF-M
  • Focusing Rod: PF-R670 for P68, P88
  • Focusing Rod: PF-R870 for P128, P158
  • Bowens mount adapter: PF-BM
  • Godox mount adapter:PF-GM
  • Broncolour mount adapter: PF-BRM
  • Profoto mount adapter:PF-PM
  • Mounting bracket MB-01 for AR400
  • Mounting bracket MB-02 for R1200
  • Diffusers: P68-D1, P88-D1, P128-D1, P158-D1, P68-D2, P88-D2, P128-D2, P158-D2
  • Light grid: P68-LG, P88-LG, P128-LG, P158-LG

Features of the Godox P158Kit - Kit Parabolic158 & PF-M & PF-R870

  • Parabolic design
  • Achieve different lighting effects
  • Connection to your preferred flash head
  • 24-arm reflector
  • Small adapter ring
  • One turn disconnection
  • Easy to slide in and out
  • Anti-rotation mechanism
  • Safety Mechanisms
  • Fall arrest rope


  • 1x Parabolic reflector 158
  • 1x Carrying bag CB36
  • 1x Grip PB-G1
  • 1x Focusing mount PF-M
  • 1x Focusing Rod PF-R870
  • 1x Flash Adapter PF-BM





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