GigaPan Epic 100

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GigaPan Epic 100

The EPIC 100 works with a broad range of digital cameras, including larger point and shoot digital cameras and several smaller DSLRs.

The EPIC 100 is easy to use and remarkably efficient. Extendable tray enables the EPIC 100 to fit a large range of compact and larger point-and-shoot cameras and elevated plate allows a wide range for camera pitch. Epic 100 incorporates user-friendly operation and pro-quality features, including a multiple exposure capability, illuminated display and fine precision movements.


  • 360 degree panoramic range-of-motion and 60/90 degree tilt range-of-motion
  • Pause and Scroll Function gives you the ability to recapture a specific photo or photos in the sequence.
  • Repeatable panoramas - you can repeat the last panorama sequence, same photos, same order.
  • Adjustable exposures - time between exposures is adjustable.
  • Precision incremental movement/resolution of 0.36 degrees
  • Stainless steel mounting arm minimizes flex and vibration
  • Simple user-interface, consisting of: on/off/ok button, cancel button and four directional buttons.
  • Easy to navigate menu with highly visible LCD screen
  • Bubble level onboard, for quick set-up
  • Easy camera mount - by self-contained 1/4" industry-standard thumb screw
  • Simple camera adjustment for optimal positioning of the focal/nodal point in the fore/aft, up/down and left/right directions, allowing the use of different cameras.
  • Scale and marking features enable repeatable adjustment
  • Anti-slip camera pad
  • Power supply requirements: (6) AA Batteries (Alkaline, Rechargeable NiMH, Lithium, etc...)
  • An extendable metal plate on the camera base to accommodate larger cameras
  • A greater elevation of the camera plate from the EPIC 100 body of 33.5 mm to allow for a greater range for camera pitch (tilt or elevation)
  • The gearing for the pitch is 15:1 (versus 5:1 for the EPIC) allowing for greater holding torque and finer precision movements
  • Illuminated display for night time shooting.
  • Start Delay/Timer enables a timer delay before each panorama capture begins.
  • Multiple shutter allows the EPIC 100 to take multiple pictures at each image location up to 9 times per position.
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GigaPan Epic 100
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GigaPan Epic 100

GigaPan Epic 100


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