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Everything you need to know about photo editing

Photography is much more than knowledge and composition. For example, post-processing is already an art in itself. Is the photo too dark? Does it have too little contrast? Or are the colors unsaturated? There are various photo editing programs to show the photo at its best. There is a boundary between photography and image editing. If you adjust the lighting and also remove a pole, it will simply remain 'a photo' and especially quality adjustments. The moment you start to make parts of different photos, you create a new image and you have actually become an image editor.

On this page you can read everything you need to know about photo editing. You can read the interviews with Pieter Dhaeze, Toonen and Wientjes about image editing. We also offer a wide range of software, hard disks, printers and monitors for optimal photo editing.

Photo editing: Must haves

Interview with Pieter Dhaeze

Interview with Pieter Dhaeze

In 1996 Pieter Dhaeze first came into contact with digital photography (Agfa ePhoto 307) and since then he has shared his experiences and knowledge through the national computer and photo magazines. In this article you can read more about Pieter Dhaeze and his view of photo editing.

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