Folding Chairs

Are you a photographer long in the same place and do you want to stay mobile? Take a look at our wide range of folding chairs. Also for the leisure photographer, a folding chair is ideal. After a long walk or continuous effort, you want to rest for a while. Take the stool out of your bag and enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic stool.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

The function of folding chairs

When the telescopic legs are extended, the seat is very stable. With a simple move you can collapse the seat. Folded, the chair is a one-leg, stable but mobile. The folding chairs usually do not take up much space and are easy to carry.

Seat and weight of folding chairs

When purchasing your folding chair, take the weight of the chair into account. Folding chairs are usually lightweight because you will use them mainly when you are out. For each product, read the specifications of how heavy / light the chair is. Also take into account the size of the seat so that you can sit comfortable.

Buy folding seats

In our range you will find several folding chairs. Choose the seat that offers you the most convenience and order online.

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