Flash booster

As the name suggests, a flash booster increases the intensity of a flash. This increases the range of the flash and the number of stops. Flash boosters are easy to attach and bring along. So, if you are into flash photography, a flash booster is a must!

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Better Beamers

In our selection, you will find flash boosters from i.a. Better Beamers. These boosters are very robust and have a convenient attachment method. The Quick Attach Strap ensures that the flash booster can be mounted quickly and easily. Even more convenient, is that the flash boosters can be folded, allowing you to carry them in your camera bag. With the Better Beamer flash boosters, it becomes possible to flash at a greater distance with smaller apertures.

Choose the right flash booster

When purchasing a flash booster, it is important to check for compatibility. Aside from universal flash boosters, we also offer boosters that work with specific brands and models. Be sure to choose a product that fits your camera.

Purchase a flash booster online

We offer flash boosters from i.a. Better Beamers, Magmod and Hama. Have you found the flash booster you were looking for?

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